Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We All Need A Break

I have been asked if there is a good or bad time to submit stories to editors or agents. Like everything else in this business, there is no single answer for this one. It all depends. Still, when we look at our calendars it is pretty clear when editors and agents want to see new projects and when we could care less. We are approaching that time right now.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is a tough time for all editors and agents. We have projects with our current clients we are dealing with, as well as trying to dig ourselves out of the holes we have created with all of those submissions we keep asking for. I know I have been nailed lately with a ton of contests that I said I would judge the final rounds for, and then never bothered to keep a calendar of when those would show up on my doorstep (Please, someone! Remind me to start a calendar of just those starting in January). In any case, you get the idea.

I know as an agent, I try to limit certain times when I send projects and when I decide to hold back. I know that when big conferences are coming up, editors are often getting ready (as am I) to go, and one more thing to read is tough. No, we are not cleaning off our desks and just rejecting everyone just because we want to wait for the good stuff. It is simply that we are busy.

With that said, I want all of you to start looking at your calendars. If you are getting busy, guess what??? So are we. Think about this when submitting.

Now, with that said, please note that I will be "unofficially" be closed from now until sometime after the start of 2012. No, I am not closed to submissions, but DO NOT expect an immediate answer. I do have holiday shopping to do.

And speaking of holiday shopping...

I want an IPAD!!!!!! Apple, or someone else who loves me SOOOOOO much, feel free to send me one ASAP. Who knows? Maybe I can respond to emails faster. (smile).



  1. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop Scott. Of course you deserve a break, we all do. It never ceases to amaze me that, even though Christmas comes the same day every year, and every year I vow to be better organized and ready, I'm always left scrambling at the end. Biggest pet peeve for holiday shopping - having to return something I bought last week that's on sale this week, or finding out what I bought for someone isn't at all going to work for them. Returns - ugh. Happy shopping all. :)

  2. This confirms my suspicions, but I'll still submit this season and wait it out. There's always a lull after the holiday.