Saturday, December 31, 2011

2 Challenges for December 31 and Jan. 1

CHALLENGE 1 - Take time to write both days. Tell me how many words you achieved each day and the grand total.

CHALLENGE 2 - What is your writing New Year's Resolution? Post it here. Remember though, a resolution is something YOU can control. Telling me you will be on the NY Times Best Seller List isn't going to work with me.



  1. I resolve to finish draft 1 of my WIP in the first quarter. It's doable and yet feels like a stretch, which I think makes for a perfect resolution!

  2. My Writers Resolution for the New Year is to continue working on craft, which will be the easy part. My local RWA chapter has an amazing line up for 2012.

    This will help me complete and submit two novels.

  3. My Writer' Resolution is to finish revising my first manuscript so that I can start the submision process, and my second resolution is to keep plugging away on my second manuscript.