Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Present For That Author In Your Life

You know who these people are? They're the ones that have spent countless hours behind a computer creating those stories you love the most. They have given you so much joy over the year.

Now it is time to give something back to them.

This Christmas, give the gift of a book.
  • Buy a real book. Don't buy digitally. The authors are getting a lower royalty rate in many cases.
  • Don't buy a used book, but one from the store. Remember, used books don't give the author anything financially.
  • While sharing books is great and certainly fun, buy the book this year. Sharing books is just like the used book thing.
  • Buy a lot of books from them. Remember, the more you buy, the better their sales will be. The better the sales, the publisher is happier. A happy publisher means more books from your favorite author. Yes, this is very circular.
And finally, send your favorite authors a quick note on their website. Send notes via the publisher or the agent. The more they see they have a following, the more motivated they will be to write even better books!

And for you authors out there. Buy your own books directly and give those as a gift to the family. Giving away those books you use for promotion isn't getting you anything.


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  1. Well said, Scott, and raising a glass to Bronwyn Scott -- keep those brilliant fingers typing out the stories of your heart. Cheers!