Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Question From A Writer - How Many Is Too Much?

How many times would it be appropriate to query the same agent with different projects? If an agent's comments run along the lines of "I wasn't excited about this particular story line," and they try again with the next story, at what point does the writer cross that magic line from persistance to pestering?

I've only queried one book so far, but it will not be my last. I don't want to end up being the kind of author agets roll thier eyes and think, "Oh not her again."

This is a great question, but unfortunately, like all things in this business, there is no one single answer. I have always said that if this is the agent you really want to work with, and he or she hasn't told you to go away or initiated a restraining order against you, then there is no problem. Now, with that said, I would really examine the stories you are submitting and also the agent a bit more.

I know there are times when an author will send me something that really doesn't connect with me, but a later project jumps out at me. I did sign an author in just such a situation. But, more often than not, I find I continue to reject authors with those later projects. The reason is simple. These later projects are just more of the same thing and I am not seeing "anything different." I also find that if the author had of really read my blog and all of the information I put out there, they would have seen the story wasn't a right fit with me.

There is also another angle to look at here. If you continue to get form letters or no response, my question would be "why do you want to work with them?" Is there really a belief that things will be different with this next submission, or if they signed you? Just something to consider there.

The key is, take what you have learned from the agent and demonstrate that you have fixed the problems. Show them you have learned and exectuted those changes.

Best of luck!


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  1. Hmm? If an agent got really excited about something that didn't sell, despite his/her efforts, I suspect the author might sometimes feel they have let the agent down(!), thus their many efforts to re-ignite the spark. That said, you make a good point, more of the same isn't likely to sell either. Thanks for advice. Taken on board. :)