Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch That Professional Jealosy

I know how it feels. It makes you feel miserable when you see a friend of yours make a sale and you are still trying to get some books even finished. Agents see this all of the time. We follow each other on social media and while we are busy writing proposal after proposal, we see other agents making sales. Ohhh do we see green.

Still, it is important to remember that we really don't know what the context was for that success. Was this a project that had been a 5 year uphill battle? Was it a better book? We simply don't know.

Along the same lines, we need to remember that they likely feel the same way when we make the sale and they are fighting with proposals.

Look, if you have friends and critique partners that make sales, enjoy their success. Cheer them on. Don't get distracted and start feeling you aren't worthy. It simply means that your time is still to come.


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  1. In sales we often talk about the fact that every no is one step closer to the Yes we seek. This is kinda the same thing. Besides, sharing in other's success(s) is like joy rising, and fosters our own belief that success IS achievable. When we genuinely delight and share in someone else's success, it is returned when we share our own successes. :)