Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Believe In What You Want To Believe - We Cannot Change Your Thought

I find it interesting that whenever an editor or agent posts something on a blog or makes a comment at a conference, there will always be some individuals who, regardless the facts and numbers that are placed before them, regardless of the credentials or the credibility fo the speaker, they simply cannot accept that new idea.

For most of these writers, I have to say that the main reason for their believing this stems from a simple desire to justify their own approach to the activity. They simply cannot accept being wrong.

I bring this up because this attitude is simply not something you will see in the successful professional writers in this business. Sucessful writers know how to listen and learn. They know how to adapt their own writing and approaches to the business, without making it an issue that they are right and the other person is wrong.

We see this now with those involved with the e-publishing industry. Writers who are publishing in the e-pub format cannot see anything other than this approach. Aliong the same lines, those involved in specific print industries sometimes cannot see the benefits of the e-pub argument. I do have to note, though, the print writers do tend to do better because most of their books are always involved with being e-pubbed.

I simply want to bring up this point. If you believe something and refuse to accept anything other than your thought. Then deal with it. But, with that said, if things don't work out your way, don't complain to us.



  1. The creative arts is an egocentric affair. Unlike a normal clock-in-clock-out job, this kind of work remains with you 24 hours a day. Asking them to change something in their writing style or approach is commensurate to asking them to change their lifestyle. They're out there. Settled in their bitter ways.