Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last Time I Checked, Publishers Are Not Non-Profits

We hear this all of the time. Those publishers are out there only to make money and they will do anything they can to "screw" the writer. Hmmmm? This is interesting considering the fact that these ARE businesses, they ARE there to make money and they ARE NOT a non-profit corporation. But, we have to extend this argument one step further. This does not mean they are out to ruin the lives of the authors.

Writers are always talking about publishers doing the following:
  • Making them write for free
  • Giving away their books
  • Not giving them 100% of the royalties for the books
  • Using illegal method of doctoring the books.
  • etc.
I hate to break this to you, but they are simply not doing this. Are there cases when this happened? Probably. But you need to take a look at who the publishers are or were. The odds are, they were far from reputable from the beginning.

I would also add that this is indeed another reason why having an agent is the way to go. We are there to look at your contracts and make sure that you are getting what you deserve. No, we are not going to get you that 100% royalty rate. We know you want to make money too, but that doesn't mean you get everything either.

Remember, this is a business. End. Of. Story.



  1. It flabbergasts me how this Concept 101 still escapes the very few. I'm assuming it is the very few. Maybe if writers saw the vast number of book that flops out there, and what they cost their respective publishers, along with case studies of publishers gone under, they would understand the end logic. But I don't think someone ever broke it down to that level. Or to a wide-enough audience.



  2. When you hear complaining like this you have to assume someone got the idea that publishers are the One Percenters of the literary world.

    Hopefully they won't come and "Occupy" Harper Collins anytime soon.