Friday, February 3, 2012

Scott Changed His Mind... and other misc. stuff.


Just wanted to let you know, I have changed my mind in terms of submission material.

Beginning in March, I will accept BOTH single title and CATEGORY romances and women's fiction. I will still focus on the same areas I have always focused on.

There will be a change in how submissions are done from the website. Now, if you want to submit for a category line, there is a specific form you can use that gives you the chance to indicate exactly which line you are submitting for.

Just wanted to keep you posted on this!


Please remember that you can sign up for the quarterly newsletter from Greyhaus. The link is on the website in the News section. Next one comes out in March!


I'll be giving out a huge auction item this year. A partial edit of either the first three chapters, a synopsis or query to one person for an entire year. Authors can submit EVERY OTHER MONTH (yes this means 6 critiques for 1 author).

On March 29th, I will be presenting a webinar with Writer's Digest. This one focuses on the successful key elements of romance and women's fiction writing with a section also designed for authors wanting to write for Harlequin. Stay posted for more information.

If your chapter will be attending RWA this year in Anaheim and will be getting together, make sure to send out your invites soon. I would love to come and chat and certainly to listen to "elevator pitches." Along the same lines, if you are a writing group, and want me to come and present or run a workshop, all you have to do is ask.

I DO NOT CHARGE speaking fees.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Scott, your blog just keeps getting better all the time. I think it must represent a thriving agency. Thank you for sharing your success!!