Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Should Writers Give Up For Lent

O.K. writers! I know Lent started yesterday, but I'll give you another day to add a few things to your "Give It Up For Lent" list.

  • Give up procrastinating. - Just get off your butt, make a plan and finish that darn book. This is ridiculous all of this garbage you keep throwing out of why the story isn't done. DO IT!
  • Give up blaming others for those rejection letters. One thing I have learned from being a USA Swim Official. We always say that we don't disqualify the swimmer. The swimmer diqualifies himself or herself. The same goes for writing. There is no one to blame but you and your writing.
  • Give up telling yourself you cannot write. You need to think positively here. Yes, there will be bad days, but you can do it. Think that way.
  • Give up those friends who tell you that writing is not your future. This is simply bad Karma. You don't need these people.


  1. Thanks you!

    I needed this today. I have been surrounded with emails on what I can and can't do with my writing that it was nice to read this!