Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me - There is no break in publishing

I was asked what I would be doing for my birthday tomorrow. The answer was simple. Probably reading and doing critiques.

This is not a case of complaining. This is a job that I chose to do and I love it. But we have to remember that with professional writing and professional publishing there is often no break. Agents and editors spend all day working with their current clients and their projects. And then, after a long day, they head home with a stack of submissions to read.

Then you add in the conferences they attend. This means the weekend is spent either traveling or talking to other writers. What do we do in the evening? More often than not, we run to our hotel room, fire up the computer and get back to editing or other business needs.

Just a quick reality check!

See you on Monday!



  1. Happy Birthday Scott, Yesterday was my youngest daughters birthday and we will celebrate it tomorrow.I hope you find time for birthday cake between all that you do. Enjoy this gift from God. Sincerely, Marie Fostino :)

  2. May your gravy boat and Irish libations overfloweth on your special day. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Scott! Tomorrow is my birthday too! Here, have a virtual beer on me! :)

  4. *crosses literary agent off list of "Easy Millionare Careers"*


    ;) Happy birthday!