Friday, March 23, 2012

The keys of Good Romance And Women's Fiction Webinar - March 29th


Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 1 year.

About the Webinar Critique

All registrants are invited to submit a pitch paragraph (200 words or fewer) in advance of the event. All submitted queries are guaranteed a critique by the agent instructor, Scott Eagan.


What is it that separates romance writing or women’s fiction from general fiction? Many writers feel they have a romance or women’s fiction and then are shocked when the story is rejected from an editor or agent because it really isn’t either of the two genres. Too often, there is a belief that if the story has a romance in it, or it is set in a romantic period of time, then it is a romance. The same holds true for women’s fiction. If it has a female protagonist, does it make it women’s fiction? In reality, there is much more to each of the genres.

This session focuses on understanding the key elements that make romance and women’s fiction novels truly strong. The session will allow participants to understand the definitions of each and what makes each genre stand apart from general fiction or literary fiction works. The session will also focus on what writers can do if they choose to write in these genres to make a strong story ready for editors and agents.

The session will also include a chance to provide criticism of pitch paragraphs to identify is the author is really "selling" his or her project.

Length and price: 90 minutes; $89

What you’ll learn to do:

         Understand the differences of romance and women’s fiction compared to other forms of writing.

         Understand the components of strong romance writing, including the differences between single title and category romance.

         Understand how to pitch a romance or women’s fiction project


Scott Eagan is the agent and owner of the Greyhaus Literary Agency focusing exclusively on romance and women’s fiction. He has a BA in English/Literature, a MA in Creative Writing and a MA in Literacy. Scott is an active member of the Romance Writers of America. 



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