Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Reminder About Keeping It Real

I see this one happening more often than not with you romantic suspense authors. The issue of keeping it real seems to be taken second place to your stories and your characters. Again, I have to remind you that with stories, whether your story is romance or women's fiction, the key is establishing a connection with the readers. When you, as an author, present stories that deviate from reality, you lose your reader.

I know I have blogged about this before, but we need to remember Maslow's Hierarcy.

The issue here is simple. Wanting to develop a relationship with the hero or heroine can only happen when those prior needs are met.

Look, if the heroine is being stalked by a rapist, the least of their worries will be having a relationship with the hero. I know you might try to justify this wish "escaspist sex" but in reality, it simply will not happen.

If you are someone writing romantic suspense. the key is to be aware of natural human nature. People will only do things if their prior needs are met.



  1. I noted your comment on writing Romantic Suspense. Do you mean to be careful to develop the romance in the pockets of safety between the action scenes?

  2. Lee,

    In some ways you can say that. I think the real issue is to consider that your characters really are human. In a time of crisis, relationships will often be the least of their worries. In al honesty, this is why the Romantic suspense category is so tough.