Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't Be Afraid To Be Good

In the last month, I have had several authors that I have spoken to (via email and so forth) that I believe really do fall into this category. For what ever reason, they decided one day to sit down and write something. Of course they didn't think much of what they were doing, they just simply sat down to write. But then, something amazing happened... What they produced was good! No, I guess I have to amp this up a notch. The writing was damn good. And, as an agent, this is something we are always on the prowl for. Writers who, whether they realize it or not, have the inherant ability to produce and produce good quality writing.

And yet, for these authors, they backed off of their writing. Suddenly, when faced with a huge amount of attention on their writing, they started to make excuses. "They were just playing around." "They just wanted to see what happened." You get the idea. I do believe, however, that these writers are simply scared. What happens if they are good? What happens if people really do like their writing? I do think, however, that the real issue is what happens if they are good and then let everyone down with a failing story, how will they feel?

Look, no one has ever said that this business is easy. No, writing is friggin' hard and you will suffer with pain, sweat and tears. You will have days when things just don't go right. But on those days, when that happens, you have to sit down and simply remember the joy and the pleasure you had when you wrote those first words. How did you feel when you wrote "THE END"? That will pull you out.

And for those writers out there who have people clammering to read your writing, please, take advantage of it. If an agent or an editor sees something with potential and they tell you, I promise you, they are not (O.K. in most cases) blowing sunshine and just leading you along the garden path. They see something that WILL work.

So jump on that bandwagon!


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  1. I have a question, if you have time. I went to the bookstore and searched for similar books to the one I'm writing. Looked at the acknowledgments page, wrote down some agent names. Looked them up online. Some state they do not accept unsolicited ms (understood) AND queries (huh??). Looked them up in Writer's Market, same thing. How does one approach these agents?