Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Does Scott Want To Go To For A Confence

Today's post is all about me.

I am asked frequently by writers why I have never come to their conference. The answer is simple. I wasn't asked to. I have made it a strict practice of going to conferences only if the conference wants me there. But, for today, I thought I would add a few states/provinces/countries that I wouldn't mind visiting and working with writers. BTW, this is in no particular order...

  • New England
  • New Jersey (yes that writing conference)
  • Georgia (yes, that writing conference)
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Australia/New Zealand (come on RWA - you know you want me there!)
  • Italy
  • France
  • England (will be there for HNS but...)
  • All of Canada
  • University Creative Writing Classes (great chance to get someone from the industry to talk through the realities of the business)
That should get you going for a while.

The point is, all you have to do is ask. What do you get if I show up?
  1. I like to give presentations.
  2. I do listen to pitches
  3. I have signed people from conferences.
  4. I give honest feedback during pitch sessions and request when I like something and will say no if it doesn't work for me. You don't get a blanket, I take everything just to reject you in the future.
  5. I don't charge speaking fees. Transportation and hotel, yes, but no speaking fees.
Take a look at my schedule on the website. If you don't see your writing group's name there, and you want me to visit, then ask!

And yes, if you are meeting at RWA Nationals, informally or formally, send me a note and I will schedule you in. Remember, I do take elevator pitches at those gatherings!



  1. Could you explain what you mean here:

    "You don't get a blanket, I take everything just to reject you in the future."

  2. Your workshop style and message may not be preferred in the hallowed halls of academia. My experience with University Creative Writing classes is that the focus is on the art and not the audience.

  3. How come Chicago isn't on this list? Is it because you're coming whether you like it or not?