Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Guest Blog Invitation (a reminder)

Each Wednesday, we will have the chance for an author or editor to guest blog here.

Writers do not have to be a Greyhaus author to post. The goal is to provide some insightful, educational nugget of information from an established "published author".

Because the Greyhaus Literary Agency focuses exclusively on ROMANCE and WOMEN'S FICTION, as well as only working with traditional print publishers, this post will only be reserved for those authors. This is, in no way, a statement against other genres or publishing formats. This is simply a marketing model.

Any author wishing to post here can and are encouraged to respond to comments. This is also a chance for published authors to promote their own books.

If you wish to post here, please feel free to contact Scott directly at the agency. Send me a proposal. Please note that a proposal DOES NOT mean that you will automatically publish. Material posted here by guest bloggers must fit with the mission of this blog.