Monday, May 7, 2012

Writing DOES Take Time (Another Reminder)

I was once again reminded this last weekend about an issue that I do believe a lot of writers seem to forget. We are really seeing this now (as I pointed out recently) with the rise of so many authors wanting immediate gratification from self-publishing, and yes, even though I didn't mention it, quick e-pub contracts. In simple terms.... WRITING TAKES TIME.

No, I am not talking here about the time it takes to get a book through the system (from computer to book shelf). I am talking about the career of the successful author.

As I listened to the wonderful Susan Elizabeth Phillips speak in Chicago, she noted, like so many other authors, that this has been a 30 year journey. WOW! 30 years.

You can go down the list of so many other authors that have been successful with their careers. The list is endless and, in every case, it has been a long and very rewarding journey.

I think it is too easy to equate the success of a single book with a successful career. I am sorry to say it, but these two are completely different. In many ways, I see those sudden success authors as being equal to all of those one-hit-wonder bands out there. Sure, that first book is a block buster, but will they be around 30 years from now? I am not a betting person, but I wouldn't put my money on it. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to see someone fall flat in this business after that success, but the track record just doesn't seem to prove another scenario.

It is that belief and approach that I look for in an author. Is this someone who has a realistic view of his or her career. Does this person plan on being in it for the long haul? Sure, it is easy to say, but if they suddenly hear of a quick sale, will they jump for it or really stop and think about the career. I am confident that the successful "career" author will stop and think, and may even turn away from that quick sale.

Just something to think about for Monday


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  1. I've only been in this writing journey for five years but I started at this career late in life. I just celebrated the big 50 this past month. I've only submitted my work maybe a little over twenty times in that five year period and haven't submitted in the last few years.
    I've decided to learn more about the writing and have discovered a lot.
    I've also read a lot about the business of self publishing and I think I will give it try. We will see where this journey takes me.