Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Only Constant Is Romance - Why This Genre Stands The Test of Time

As I was reading through submissions recently, I started seriously thinking about why I passed on some stories after I saw the original premise that sounded appealing. In other words, these were projects that, based on the initial query, I really thought I would like. But, once the partial or full crossed my desk, I found myself passing on it. What happened? I should note, I am strictly talking about the romance submissions here.

It hit me that, while there were issues with writing in some of the cases, most of the stories rejected had issues with the relationships. Despite all the claims the author made of a great romance, there simply wasn't that spark. The "romance" simply wasn't there.

In reality, one of the biggest reasons romance has succeeded in the past and will succeed in the future stems entirely from the fact that these are stories about "real people" with "real emotions" and truly are in love. Romance genres are not strictly stories for escape, but stories that connect the reader to emotions they had, have, or hope to have.

Regardless of trends out there in literature, the true stable story that will always be there will be the romances. Think about it. All of that fan lit reader scramble to, disappear just as quickly as it hit the books shelves. Even the trends we see in romance (erotica, Amish lit, vampires, demons, etc.) are simply that - trends. But what is still there that sticks as the constant? What stories do we always come back to as the stories we remember and want to read time and time again? It is the romance!

We can even forgive our favorite authors if the writing just isn't quite there, or the plot is just "so-so" as long as the romance in the story is honest, true and real. We give the authors slack as long as that hero and heroine are meant to be together and we fight through the trials and tribulations with those characters to the happily ever after.

When people ask me why Greyhaus Literary Agency sticks with romance (and women's fiction) the answer is simple. These are stories about real people. The characters are just like us. Regardless of what style clothing they wear, or the time period they live in, or the language they speak, they are us.

So tell me, what are your favorite romances novels?

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  1. Jane Eyre. Hands down, my favorite romance.
    '“Good night, my—" He stopped, bit his lip, and abruptly left me.'
    So powerful.