Friday, June 22, 2012

Wow, No Post Today? Don't Panic With An Information Over-Load

This has clearly been one of those weeks. My kids were out of school for summer vacation starting this week, we actually had two good days of sun in the Pacific Northwest, and I was trying to get caught up on submissions. Add in new proposals, edits for clients and I was swamped.

Still, I did want to leave you with something to think about this weekend.

In such an age of immediate information and feedback from social media and the like, it is sometimes really difficult to keep our heads straight about this business. Literally, one day we can hear that successful writers should do X, and then the next day we find that successful writers ignore X.

This is enough to make a person scream!

The point is simple. Take the information that you need at that present time in your writing career. If you are still working on developing your craft, then forget all of that platform stuff, contracts and so forth. You don't need it right now.

If you are someone interested in doing this on your own, then take the time to explore those options in self-publishing. Don't worry about the articles and blogs that say otherwise.

Stick to what you need at that momement and breathe deeply.


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