Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Story Doesn't Go To Every Publisher

I am sure I have said this before, but it is always good to be reminded of a few things in this business.
When it comes to marketing your story to editors and agents, it is always important to remember that your project DOES NOT fit with every single place you send it to. Simply looking at the genre the editor or agent accepts does not mean it is right fit. The same goes for those of you submitting to Harlequin. Just because you have a contemporary romance of a certain word count DOES NOT mean it can go to everyone of the lines that have that same word count.

The voice of every different line is very unique. The types of characters and storylines they look for really does vary greatly from one place to the next.

As a writer, it is really your obligation to take the time to really research that publisher carefully before sending a project out. Even as an agent, I take the time to really look over all of the potential publishers that might take a specific project. There may be a lot of publishers out there, but the list gets to be much smaller once you start focusing your efforts.

Does this mean you sell the project? Not necessarily. But it may make a big difference down the road. Let me explain it this way. You have sent projects to all of these editors and really not taken the time to research if it is the right fit or not. You may have sent a lot of projects out to the same editors that are never the right match. And then you have the story that truly does fit. You may have shot yourself in the leg on this one because the editors are now used to use and projects that were so far off the mark that they cannot help but see this one in that same light.

Now, let me explain something. I am, in no way saying that you shouldn't query editors or agents with new projects. I am also not saying that just because you have been rejected once or twice by an editor or agent that they will always pass on your work. What I am saying is that if your projects have been so off the mark and were never the right fit, AND, it gave the impression to us that you haven't learned from these mistakes, you should expect that rejection.

The solution is simple. Take your time. Do your reseach. Read what they produce and make wise choices.

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