Friday, August 17, 2012

Blog Flog - Don't Argue During Pitches

First of all, let me stress that during pitch sessions, editors and agents do want to hear about your story. We really do want to find that next great author and we are not out to get you. But with that said, I have to also stress that a pitch session does not mean that we will authormatically want your story or even that we will like the premise.

Yes, sometimes we will say no.

When authors pitch, we often try to provide you some little nuggets of information that might guide you in the right direction if we do say no. We want to make this a learning experience if we can. O.K., maybe not everyone but, many of us do.

However, you have to remember that if we do say no and give you reason, arguing with us is not going to make us stop and say, "O.K., you're right. Why don't you send that project and we will read it and like it." Yes, some may say to send it, but they are often doing it to just get you to stop arguing. The reality is that you might have jsut sent the message to that editor or agent that you are far from the person we will want to work with.

Take the time to listen to what the editors and agents have to say. That project might not work, but you may be able to turn that piece of information around and use it with your next project you want to send to that dream agent or editor.


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