Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bronwyn Scott Undone Released TODAY!

As a part of our continuing series here, today's blogger is historical author, Bronwyn Scott. Make sure to stop by and visit with her. Ask her questions! If you are interested in how to approach research for those historical novels, this is one person with a wealth of knowledge.

Today’s the day! The Undone, “How to Live Indecently,” is now available for e-books only. This is such a fun story for anyone who just dreams about cutting loose from their usual routine. The story features Jamie Burke, one of the secondary characters from my brand new Rogues Beyond Redemption series. He’s the good boy of the group, but he’s tired of being good all the time, so when he meets a beautiful woman on the verandah during his mother’s famed Starry Night Ball, he simply walks off into the night with her; away from his duties and responsibilities as Viscount Knole, and into an unforgettable evening in the streets of London that gets wilder as the evening progresses.

The whole story takes place in one night and of course it ends with a fairy-tale feel to it because everyone should know how to live indecently once in a while!

You can check out the Undone with this link.

This is roughly my twentieth project for Harlequin. My latest series, Rogues Beyond Redemption, comes out this fall, featuring Merrick St. Magnus (Sept. 1), Ashe Bedevere (Oct. 1) and Riordan Barrett (Nov. 1). Interestingly enough, Jamie’s story falls between Ashe and Riordan’s but don’t wait to read it!

The other project I’m involved in is the Castonbury Park continuity featuring the Montague family and eight great Harlequin authors. If you’re not familiar with a continuity, here’s how it works: a group of authors get together and develop a series around a set of characters. In this case, it’s a ducal family who has been hit hard by the aftermath of Waterloo. They’ve lost two sons, one the heir, and are struggling financially in the post-war economy. The series debuts Aug. 1 with Carole Mortimer’s, “The Wicked Lord Montague” and releases a book a month until March 2013.

My book, “Unbefitting a Lady” is the January release and focuses on Phaedra Montague’s desire to compete at Epsom. Stop by and visit my blog for chances to read more about Castonbury and learn more about the Rogues Beyond Redemption at

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