Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It May Be Your First Or Your Twentieth Book...

I love hearing the statistics about many of the authors who win the RITA award at RWA Nationals. For some, it really sounds like their career just took off out of no where. For others, it took a while. For some, it was their first book that landed them that career. For others, they had written multiple books before something really happened.

All writers are really anxious to get that first contract and really move on with their careers. That ultimate goal of being able to write full time and make A LOT of money at writing is always right out there in front of everything that they do. Unfortunately, I do believe many of these writers forget that the business does take time. And yes, it doesn't matter if you have an agent, this business does take time.

As writers, you have to remember that you cannot expect immediate success. Sure, we can hope for it, but we certainly cannot plan for it. Think of many writers that we look up to for inspiration. Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Brenda Novak... I can go on and on. These are writers that have been working at this for a while now.

Your goal as writer is to not stop after that first book that doesn't sell. Where is the next book? And the next?

I do have to say, you do have to continue to learn and grow as a writer. You cannot simply convince yourself that if you "pay your dues" and "stay in the business long enough" that suddenly that career will launch.


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