Thursday, September 27, 2012

Closed To Unsolicited Submissions - How Long?

I received an email from an author who wanted to know how long I will be closed to unsolicited submissions. Thought I would explain here....

First of all, Greyhaus submissions are closed to ALL unsolicited manuscripts. Unless I request from a contest or a conference, I will not be accepting outside submissions. No, don't start to think if you send something I might take a peek and consider the submission. Closed means closed.

There are solutions though. If you really want to submit, then become proactive. Get your conference coordinator to get me to visit. Tell your chapter president to schedule me to talk. Get me on your contest judging schedule for finals. If you see a conference on my upcoming schedule that you can get to, then do so. Until then, this will be the only way.

How long am I closed? At this point, IF I were top open, it wouldn't be until 2013.

Until then, I am still here for authors on the blog and to help out with education in romance and women's fiction.


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