Monday, October 15, 2012

ABC's Of Writing - (A)ttitude is the Foundation of Great Writers

To be successful in everything we do requires having an attitude that supports that success. We have to think and believe in a way that supports success in what we do. Writing is certainly no exception.

As  writer, you have to be proud of what you do. Successful writers are very clear about telling people that they writer and what they write. They are not shy about it in the least bit. Unfortunately, for many authors, this attitude is simply not there. We hear comments such as "Yeah, I write a little but I'm not a New York Time's Best selling Author." In romance, I hear this a lot... "Sure, I write, but I am just a romance writer."

This is far from a successful attitude. This in not that winning attitude!

But I do have to stress something here. Just having an attitude is not all that it takes. It still takes writing quality and dedication. Running around and acting bigger than you really are is far from a successful or professional attititude. Often times, this leads to negative comments and attitudes about other authors. These authors simply talk down other people to make themselves feel better. Not a professional attitude.

Think success. Think you CAN do it and you will find you may be able to go a long way with your career.


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