Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ABC's of Writing - (H)elp Other Authors

I hinted at this earlier with our discussions about collaboration, but I wanted to really push this point a bit further. As an author, you must step from behind your own writing and your own computer and help other authors.

As I mentioned earlier, you never know when this helping may pay off in the long run. You may find yourself suddenly in need of something with your career and you want to know that there is someone there to cover your back.

But today, let's talk about ways to help out besides the simple collaboration of ideas:

GUEST BLOGGING - We are always looking for additional perspectives in our blog posts. Taking the time to "visit" other blogs, throw in your 2-cents worth is always an easy but very helpful thing you can do for those authors. And yes, this includes that social media angle of forwarding their Tweets, commenting on their Facebook pages and so forth.

CONTEST JUDGING - Sorry to say this, but if you are published, your obligation to assist with contests just got bigger. You have to give back. Others were there for you, now it is time to step up to the place and also contribute.

HYPE UP THEIR SUCCESSES - Look, if someone gets a contract or makes a sale - be there for them.

HELP WITH THEIR PUBLICITY - If they have a project that is new, share in the responsibility of getting the news around. Talk up their books. Buy their books and read them. Then turn around and talk about how good the project is. Guess what? They will be there for you too!

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