Monday, October 1, 2012

Greyhaus Goes Hi-Tech

Saturday, I was in London at the Historical Novel Society conference listening to pitches. It Rocked! Why? Because I was also at home in my bunny slippers.

This begins Greyhaus Literary Agency's new approach for getting to conferences and listening to pitches from authors. Thanks to SKYPE technology, we were able to still get to the authors, even though I was unable to attend the conference. This is now open to all of your writing organizations and chapters.

Like all pieces of technology, it took some work to get all of the fine details hammered out. Obviously, the biggest was getting the time difference figured out. 8 hours took some working but we had it.

Then it is simply a matter of getting everyone "friended" on Skype.

In this case, we did it all with the conference on wireless technology and I was hard-wired in. Recommendation for future - hard wire both ends so we don't get that weird breaking up.

Secondly, we were set up in the pitch room with all of the other editors and agents. Although this was fun because I could "meet" the other people, the volume did get a bit much. Recommendation - Headphones on the conference end.

Still, I was totally excited this worked.

And, in case you are interested to know, ALL authors received requests for more material. Not bad for a first round of this.

The plan is that we will be using this for future sessions of pitches including the potential remote conference in July that is still in the "planning" stage.

If you have a writing conference or a chapter interested in using SKYPE to connect with your authors for pitches and yes, even for presentations, email me at the agency and we can chat!


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