Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ABC's of Writing - (N)ever Stop Writing

I am a firm believer that writing is one of those few "hobbies" out there that every person in the world can do. Writing is about human expression and emotion. Writing is about communicating with the world about thoughts and feelings that might be swirling around in your head. Does this mean everyone can achieve a published status - that level in which we are all making money at it? No, I don't believe that. But writing is something that everyone can do!

I bring this up today because there are many authors out there that simply quit writing. They struggle with a story or maybe their first book simply gets hammered from rejection letters. So what do they do? They stop writing. They quit.

And this is a big mistake.

What these authors have failed to remember is the joy they felt when they created those characters and those scenes. They have forgotten the excitement of finishing that tough chapter or hearing from their friends that this is the best damn story they have ever read. Yes, they knew it was their friend saying it, but darn, hearing those words felt good.

If you want to call yourself a writer, then you need to do the one thing that defines the term "writer" - you have to write and you cannot stop.

So, if you are reading this right now and maybe haven't written in a while, then consider this a "kick in the butt." Dust off the laptop, turn off the internet and quit hanging out on Pinterest or Facebook. Start writing. I DARE YOU!!!!


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