Friday, December 7, 2012

Sometimes Things Do Happen Accidentally

Yes, I know I missed a day of blogging. I was busy with some exciting news on the Greyhaus Front.

The funny thing about this business is the complete randomness of how things happen. This is really a business of being in the right place at the right time. You simply never know when things will happen.

In this case, one of my authors received an interesting email from some movie people in the UK. Normally, when we get messages like this, the email is asking about buying the movie rights for a book. No, this doesn't mean you book will turn into a movie; it simply means someone wants the right to turn it into a movie IF they have a studio that wants to do something with it. In this case, however, this company stumbled across one of my authors and wants her to potentially write both a novel and a screenplay for a project they have in the works. Who knows whether or not something will come of this, but we are going to look into it.

Needless to say, you can image what we will be spending the time on this weekend.

The point though is this company literally stumbled across the author. They were looking for someone with the knowledge of the genre they were working on and happend to read her book. (Yes, I am keeping this anonymous right now because this is all still in the VERY initial planning stages).

When else has this happened?

We submitted a project of another author to a particular publishing house. Although the editors liked the story, they just didn't have a place for it right now. But here is where the randomness happens. The secondary reader/editor for the project loved it and happend to talk to another editor at another publishing house. This person contacted me out of the blue and wanted to read it. Again, being in the right place ant the right time.

You will often hear many authors talk about how these random acts of publishing happen time and time again. It won't happen to everyone, but you never know.

As a writer, however, you can be proactive about these things. You have to consider these random happenings and at least look at them. Sure, some of the times these might not work out at all. Sometimes, it will be the chance you were looking for. Coincidences do happen. You just have to be ready for them to happen.

And as for my author... I will keep you posted if something happens.


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  1. How exciting! Congrats to you and your author.

    I'm guessing part of "being ready" is learning how to STAY CALM when these things happen. Or do you allow Tigger bouncing and squeeing followed by consumption of a fair amount of champagne? :D