Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The More You Learn, The More You Realize You Have A Long Way To Go

If you ever get to the point when you think you know all you need with your writing, I would recommend one simple thing. Quit writing right there and then.

I honestly think that the one thing all successful writers understand is that there is always something to learn. There is always room to grow as an author. We can learn new strategies for conveying our stories to the readers. We can learn new syles and genres. We can explore new approaches to dialogue and narration. There really is no limit.

Personally, I always get frustrated when I hear authors comment about going to conferences and saying that there were simply "no workshops that would have taught them anything." I am really sorry for these authors because they are missing out on a lot of growth and learning. Even if you had a session on character development or world building before, you are probably going to hear different things from different workshop instructors. Everyone provides a new twist and turn to even the basics of writing.

I would personally challenge all of you to go back and revisit the basics. Take those sessions again and again.

As an official with USA Swimming, we go back every year to two years to and discuss the strokes and the rules. Even before each meet, we have a stroke briefing where we discuss each and every stroke. Why? The answer is simple. Every meet is different and, even though the strokes are always the same, the way the swimmers swim is different.

As someone who is still in education, I go back every 5 years and take coursework to maintain my certification. This too is one of those chances to examine what we know and what we still have to learn.


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