Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Goals

Remember a few of these ideas about goal setting today as you make plans for 2013:

  • Goals must be something you can personally control. Making the NY Times Best Seller list is not something you have the power to make happen.
  • Goals must be realistic.
  • Long-term goals must have smaller short term goals in place to get you there. Create measurable benchmarks to get you to that bigger goal.
  • Create a plan on how you are going to achieve that goal.
  • Create rewards and punishments for yourself to motivate you toward your goal.
Look, I'll be honest. Goal setting is tough but there are certainly a lot of great benefits to having those goals. You are going to have to really work at these so make those goals count.

And please, DON'T QUIT!

So, for all of you writers out there - What are your goals?
For you agents and editors out there - What are your goals?

1 comment:

  1. I'm a writer - my goals are finishing the rough draft of my novel (currently in the planning/ "snowflaking" phase) and building my platform. Thanks for this advice. Enjoy your blog very much!