Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend Writing Challenge - Great Opening Lines

No, this isn't a competion, but more of a fun writing activity. I was thinking this week of Snoopy and how he began so many of his great novels he wrote on the top of that infamous dog house.

I dare you to take the weekend and find some great openings to this. Who knows? Some of you might find a great story idea out of this activity.

I DARE YOU! And yes, editors, this challenge goes out to you too! Show these authors you have what it takes to come up with that line you want them to write!

We're looking for great opening lines for the following picture:


  1. The only problem she had with trouble was that it always seemed to follow her. Why did she believe tonight would be any different?

  2. She could not glance back at the past, at the man who once swore to love her body and soul. All that lay ahead was the future. A future without men.

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  4. I'm not a slut. It wasn't sex. It was fate. Like an old black and white movie, there was a kiss and a sigh. I surrender and fade out.

    But I'm alone on the train when the lights come up. It's raining and still dark enough that I can see my reflection in the glass-- the makeup smeared under my eyes and an outfit now drenched with rain instead of promise. In technicolor nothing is what it should be.

  5. The rain soak night reflected Sylvia’s path on a slippery slope of no return, full of glimmers of light only to be punctuated by the blackness of her good intentions.

  6. Life stinks! Just when you think everything is going to work out . . . oh, never mind, what's the point?