Monday, February 11, 2013

Swim Beyond The Pain - The Same Goes For Writing

As I write this, I am sitting at a pool watching a swim meet. I bring this up because this is day 2 of a meet and many of these kids are hurting. They put a lot of work in this week at practices and yet, somehow, find the way to push even harder at the meet. What these swimmers go though (as well as any other sport) is something I think a lot of writers can learn from. We have to find a way to write through the pain.

As writers, we will face a lot of struggles with our writing. We face bad writing days when our writing beyond sucks. We get terrible reviews. Our editors send us revisions that make us look like the worst of the worst. Look, things like this happen. But as a writer, you have to look beyond this.


  • That might just be one day out of the entire month.
  • It is just a couple of pages.
  • That reviewer was an idiot.
  • Reviewers are subjective and for that one bad review, there are a ton of great reviews.
  • Your editor might be tough on you but he or she wants the best from you.
You simply cannot obsess over the bad stuff. Move on from it.

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