Thursday, May 9, 2013

Opening Back Up For Submissions

As of this moment, Greyhaus Literary Agency is officially closed to all unsolicited submissions. The agency is considering  projects that came through meetings at conferences and contest requests.
Beginning May 20, 2013, Greyhaus will again be open to submissions. Please read the guidelines below BEFORE submitting.
Scott is actively looking for authors wishing to write for both Single Title and Series ROMANCE lines. Please be reminded (I really cannot say this loud enough), Greyhaus only represents romance and women's fiction. Please know your genre before submitting.

HARLEQUIN AUTHORSWord Count should be according to the Harlequin Guidelines
Scott is actively looking to acquire authors for all of the Harlequin lines with the exception of the Teen Line.
Authors wishing to write for Harlequin should know the line they are wishing to work for and demonstrate an ability to translate the specific guidelines of that line into a piece of writing. Please review the guidelines BEFORE submitting.
It is recommended authors should have at least one story finished and either additional projects in that same line, or a clear vision of future works that will fit in that line.

I am actively looking for real stories with real people in real romances. I am truly interested in finding, what I define as "old school" contemporary romances. Think the Danielle Steele level that really focused on the relationships.
Writers in this category should not rely on heavy amounts of plot devices or baggage for the characters. Keep these people real so that the readers can truly relate.

SINGLE TITLE HISTORICAL ROMANCEWord count 75,000 - 110,000
These stories can be set in any time period. The stories should demonstrate a strong understanding of the time period and not rely on "source book" levels of research.
Show me you have something unique in this category!

SINGLE TITLE PARANORMAL ROMANCEWord count 75,000 - 110,000
I am looking for something that stands out as being unique. Telling the same old vampire, werewolf, demon, or angel story is not going to work. I am not interested in Urban fantasy here. I really want to see those strong paranormals. Time travels are great but please make sure the time travel is "real" and plays a role in the plot.

SINGLE TITLE ROMANTIC SUSPENSEWord count 75,000 - 110,000
Stories should be real and the main story arc has to be the romance. Please make sure that we don't have characters doing things that would not normally happen in real life. Please review Maslow's Hierarchy to understand what I mean here. In other words, if someone is being stalked by a sexual predator, he or she will not be interested in sex.

SINGLE TITLE WOMEN'S FICTIONWord count 75,000 - 110,000
I am actively looking for "book club" style women's fiction pieces. These stories should examine the world through a woman's eyes. We want to see what it means to be a woman. Stories can be historical or contemporary but the focus must be on the female journey.
Please focus on one issue and not a ton of personal problems the protagonist has.
Stories can have happy or sad endings.
Please no adultery.

FantasySingle Title InspirationalYA or Middle GradePicture BooksMemoirsBiographiesEroticaUrban FantasyScience FictionScreenplaysPoetryAuthors interested in only e-publishing or self-publishingWorks that have already been published.

When I look at stories, I return to the basics of literature. I am looking at character, plot, setting and theme. I want stories that are "real" in voice, character and plot. I want characters who the reader can truly relate to.

When it comes to the writing, I want to see stories that demonstrate a writer's command of the language and the skills necessary for telling a story. I frequently turn down stories that come across as forced or show me the writer is using skills because "they were told they would work". I want writers who know when and how to use literary techniques because it fits the right situation.

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  1. Nice to hear you'll re-open for submissions soon Scott. Perhaps you can give me some honest advice though. I published my first book in a series, a paranormal romance about a ghost, through a publisher I'm not having a great deal of luck with. I've continued building a strong author platform, gotten some great ratings and reviews, and a growing reader audience who anxiously await the sequel. My question is, now that I'm in the final editing stages of the sequel and am ready to submit it for consideration elsewhere,(haven't submitted to current publisher yet) I'm wondering if this is even an option. There is no first rights or non-competition clause to the contract, but will other publishers be reluctant to get in the middle of a series? I'm hoping you can help answer this question before I spend a great deal of time querying agents or publishers with the second book. Thank you. Debbie