Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Pitch Special

I mentioned this earlier this week!
I know a lot of authors believe that they have to simply sit face-to-face with an editor or agent to pitch their stories. They seem to feel that a standard submission, or query letter simply will not work.

So here is your change.

I will personally call 20 authors and give them exactly 10 minutes to pitch their story to me. We will arrange a time next week to have the chat.

Beginning on July 4th, at 12:00 noon, Pacific Time, you may post the following information here on the blog. Only the first 20 will be chosen through the end of the day. Submit the following in a blog post:

  1. Your name
  2. Book Title
  3. Genre
  4. Word Count

Here are the rules:

  1. Stories must be complete.
  2. Stories must be meeting the requirements for standard submissions at Greyhaus Literary Agency. Please note that if the genre you list is not one I accept at the agency, I will skip your name.
  3. Stories must not have been previously published.
  4. Stories can not have been previously submitted to Greyhaus Literary Agency.
The official list will be posted no later than Saturday AM with directions on how we move to the phone conversation.


  1. Kimberly Croft
    My Senator
    Contemporary Romance

  2. James Gottesman, M.D.
    "The Road Back Isn't Straight"
    Fiction, Women's

  3. Kim and Jim,

    Send me your contact information directly to the agency. Will give you a call this week to chat about your stories.

  4. Jennifer Galasso
    Historical Paranormal Romance