Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just Keep Writing

One of the things I like about my Greyhaus authors is their ability to just keep writing. I truly believe this is something that separates the "men from the boys" so to speak.

I do think that for many authors out there, the ability to keep just keep writing is tough but one that has to be achieved to be successful in this business. When I talk about this, however, I am looking at this on three different levels:

  • Continuing to write after a rejection of a book
  • Continuing to write while projects are being looked at
  • Continuing to write even with writer's block.
Let's look at each.

Continuing to write after a rejection of a book
Let's face it. Rejection will happen and will always happen in this business. Even the best authors out there have faced those moments when someone says no. But that does not mean you are a bad author (O.K. maybe it does but I'm looking on the positive side of things today). What that means is that your story wasn't right for the market at that time. It might mean your story wasn't a right fit for that editor or agent, at that particular time. It might mean that the story in question is simply not your best stuff. So what? Move on.

I do believe that many new writers see this a lot, and really struggle with this if their first book does get some recognition from an editor or agent. "Wow! People like me! we scream. And then the rejections come in. In many ways, this is the same thing we see with child stars. They have a quick success and don't know what happens when a rejection does happen. 

Of course, for many authors out there, seeing that first success takes a lot longer. Again, So what? Move on. You cannot let the failure of one book stop you from writing and learning. 

Continuing to write while projects are being looked at
This one is an easy trap to fall into. You sent a project out to editors. In your head, this is the first book in a series. You have realized that writing book 2 now might be a huge waste of time. If book 1 tanks, then the connection to book 2 is ruined. This is where those successful authors find a way to move on.

By the way, as a side note, I keep referring to successful authors and in no way am I talking about authors bring in money. I am talking about writers who are finding success in their writing through the production of stories and the learning of their craft.

In any case, if you have projects out there then start something new in another genre, in another line. The thing is to always keep those fingers moving across the keyboard.

Continuing to write even with writer's block.
This is the toughest one. There will be many days when you have no idea what to write. Stopping your writing, however, is like taking a day off at the gym. Going back to it the next time will be harder and tougher to deal with. You have to keep writing. 

So what if the writing you did was a complete piece of garbage. Maybe your brain needed to unclog the pipes a bit to clear the way for that great piece of writing you will do tomorrow. 

Now, for those of you out there that have made all these excuses of why you can't write. You tell yourself you have kids to take to the YMCA for swimming, or you just moved to a new job. Stop the excuses, pull out that lap top and start writing. You know you want to and you know your brain has something to say.

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