Friday, August 23, 2013

Share The Knowledge Series - Dealing with a bad writing day

This week, while I am taking a quick break with the family, I am calling on the authors to work together with each other. During the SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE SERIES we will focus on a single issue each day and share how individual authors deal with some of those troubling issues in writing and publishing. Hopefully each day authors will be able to walk away with a new approach to writing, while at the same time, sharing with others things that have helped them in the past.

It is my hope that both published and unpublished authors help out! You know the success you get when you provide suggestions and get feedback from your critique groups. Now we are doing it on a larger scale.

The topic for today is:

So, you just finished writing for the day and as you look over the writing, you realize it is the biggest piece of you know what you have ever seen? How do you deal with this writing? How do you decide what to do with it? If and when you go back to edit it, how do you approach that nightmare of words?

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  1. I put it away for a day or two. Spend my hours brainstorming. Scribble down lots of notes on what I wanted to accomplish and what needs to be fixed. Then when I pull it up again, I also pull up a new document and pick it apart. The brainstorming has helped me delve deeper into my characters, the setting, and/or the situation. And if the scene/chapter proves unsalvageable, it goes in my Cutting Room file and I start over.