Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Terror Writing Moments

In honro of Halloween today, I am opening up the doors to this one. Tell me your scariest and most terrifying moment of being a writer, editor or agent. Computers crashing, editors leaving? You name it.

And yes, I am looking to hear from editors and agents too! I want to make it very clear that those of us on the publishing side are just as vulnerable to those moments as writers are!

We're looking for those moments that send shivers down your spine and someone exclaiming, "I am glad that didn't happen to me."

Of course, the moment you say that, it will happen...

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!


  1. One scary moment occurred when reading the credits of a calendar I had worked hard on for Averi Brown Bovari, a switch gear manufacturer with a division in Saudi Arabia. My job had been to poetically link pictures of the Saudi desert with photographs of switch gears and the ABB factory. Credit for the writing, on thousands of already printed calendars, went to the man who hired me.

  2. This is my "spooky" writer story.

    I was up late one night, working on a manuscript. My office is in the kitchen, just off my bedroom. I heard someone up, but I didn't turn to look, because I didn't get any "scary" vibes. I just assumed it was my husband up, maybe to get a drink of water.

    Anyway, I just continued on, writing away, when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

    I felt this tingle on my shoulder, like someone had touched me. I jumped.

    No one was there...

    Hubby was still in bed, sound asleep.

    So me, (being the wife of a paranormal investigator), spun around and said, very loudly. "I get it, you're here. Don't get that close when I'm working!"

    The "sensation" eased back, but I still felt like someone was behind me. At this point, it was close to midnight.

    "Fine," I said. "I'll go to bed." I crawled into the bed, and pulled the covers over my head. Because even if I acted like it didn't bother me, boy howdy, it did give me the heebie jeebies. :)