Friday, October 25, 2013

To Succeed In Writing Takes Dedication

We have talked a lot lately about some of the specifics in writing to get an author recognized by editors, agents and authors. But I wanted to take this morning to mention one more thing that is important. It's dedication.

I think we need to make sure we understand the difference between the concept of "dedication" and the concept of "trying really hard" or "working really hard."

The last two are really nothing more than verb phrases. These simply involve doing something and I certainly am not saying that action is not important. But, as we look at these two a little more, they both involve something things that Yoda preached over and over again. "There is no try, only do." But even Yoda would have noted there is much more. He kept telling Luke that if he looked inside, he would know and understand "the Force."

This is the level of "dedication" we are talking about.

The idea of dedication is really a feeling, an emotion, a concept that involves not only action but also thought.

To be successful means that you have to give all you have to your writing. You have to be willing to let it take charge at times. It needs to be given permission to become obsessive and intrusive into your life. This is no longer a hobby but a lifestyle change.

Dedication also means an ability to learn and grow. Again, I am not talking about just the action of "taking course" and "reading books" on your craft. Learning involves introspection. To be willing to look at your writing and your craft as a constant work in progress. All of which take a great deal of time. We are always learning and growing.

So, do you have dedication or simply a lot of action?

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  1. Dumping my WIP into Schrivener today after doing their tutorial. Comes under the category of action. Using it to take apart 50K, rearrange it, cut it into smaller chapters and crank a flood of back story down to a trickle before NaNoWriMo...dedication. Yes. I'm procrastinating right now. Gotta go...