Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm Looking For Multi-cultural Romance Authors - ALL CALL

Every now and then, I have an editor who sends me a note looking for specific projects. Just yesterday, I received another one, so I am putting out this call today to all writers. Specifically, I am looking for authors interested in writing for Harlequin Kimani!

I will tell admit that when I did speak with the editor yesterday, I told her that I just hadn't stumbled across anything recently that stood out but I would certainly put out an ALL CALL!

Here is the blurb of what they are looking for.

At Harlequin Kimani, we publish a few different lines, including category romance, mainstream romance and women’s fiction. Our books are sexy, entertaining love stories featuring true-to-life African-American and multicultural heroines and heroes that turn up the heat and sizzle with passion. All of our stories are rich, compelling and emotional romances that feature innovative plots and appealing characters who have professionally made it, but are still seeking love.

We are always on the lookout for new authors with exciting, passionate stories to tell. In particular, at this time, we are actively acquiring for all our lines

I would also encourage you to visit the Harlequin website and go to the link specifically for Kimani BEFORE you start sending anything.

For myself, I am really looking for stories that bring out the African-American culture. I say this about all multi-cultural books in fact. Just changing the name of a character to something similar to that culture doesn't fix things. In other words, if I want to write a Latino romance, I won't change the names to Juan and Maria and call it quits. Think of the culture as being a living and breathing element of the story.

Finally, if you have read here on the blog before, you would know this - I want stories that are real and not manufactured. Plots, characters and scenarios need to be believable. Since these are romances, then show me the relationship!!

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