Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SKYPE Opportunities For Writing Groups

In 2014, I want to make a big push to help out many of those writing chapters that might not have the funds to bring in guest speakers for a weekend or a single day meeting. Since we are now living in a digital age, there is no reason we don't put this to use.

Using SKYPE, we can set up a remote connection between me and your writing group! Essentially, here is all we need:

  • A large screen TV or monitor on your end that connects to a computer
  • A computer on your end with a camera and microphone
  • Someone willing to set up a SKYPE connection with me.
It is as simple as that!

In terms of handouts, I would simply put together the notes and send them via email to your coordinator. We can then go through the whole presentation together.

Following the presentation, you can then set up the computer so that I can take pitches virtually with individual writers. I have already done this with the Historical Novel Society in London and with the Liberty States Writing Group (we'll be doing this again this year!)

What is the cost?


If you are interested in having your writing group do this, please let me know! We can talk you through all of the technology necessary to make this work! And yes, this works for any group overseas!

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