Friday, January 3, 2014

Awesome Example of A Smart Writer

For those of you who follow this blog, every now and then I give out a Blog Flog for someone who really didn't approach the business the right way. I had a submission yesterday that didn't deserve a Blog Flog but really got a big thumbs up from me. What he did was not amazing, or mind-blowing, but truly a great approach.

In simple terms, he asked for information.

Now I will say this was a unique situation but still, the approach was correct. He asked me to send to him my submission guideline. I know for many of you, the answer would be, "Give me a break, the submission guidelines are on the website." He has no access to a computer for internet purposes so he did the next best thing.

I have said over and over again to not take guesses and simply ask. If you don't know what the agent or editor wants in the submission, or you can't find the information, then ask!

Will this guy get the submission guidelines? You better believe it. Will this get his foot in the door for a submission or get him a request for material? It all depends on the manuscript and if he has what I am looking for. But, what I do have to say is he is heading in the right direction!

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