Monday, January 20, 2014

Greyhaus Literary Agency Will Now Consider Previously Published Books

In the last several month, I have seen a huge increase in submissions from authors who have tried to take the self-publishing route and have found it to not be what they has expected. In fact, over this last weekend, roughly 75% of the submissions I responded to were previously published.  Up until this point, I have made it a policy to pass on all books that have been previously published. As a side note here, I did find it interesting that I had that high of submissions of these books despite the fact that my submission guidelines specifically said I did not represent those books.

At a recent conference, I was chatting with another agent and we were discussing our differing opinions on this approach. Her thought was (and it seems that some of the publishers out there have taken the same approach) that if the book had A) amazing sales; and B) was something she represented; and C) was something that she felt she could do something with, why not consider it and take it on.

So, to give it a fair look, for a limited time, Greyhaus will consider previously published books.

There are a few items authors need to be aware of however, so, before you start cranking out those emails, please keep reading.

  1. All submissions still must meet the established submission guidelines on the website. Remember that Greyhaus only focuses on traditional romance and women's fiction. Please also remember that there are word count requirements!
  2. Submissions will only be accepted using the SUBMISSION FORM found on the website. Submissions in any other format will automatically be rejected. 
  3. The submission form does require additional information beyond the standard submission. This will include contract information and sales figures. Authors may be asked to show documentation before any author-agent agreement is made.
  4. Consideration for a book will still involve looking at all of the information being submitted by the author.
I think it should be important to note that Greyhaus Literary Agency IS NOT a marketing firm. In other words, if you are just looking for someone to market your book or to increase sales and not looking to change to a traditional publishing model, then this is not the place to submit.

Again, this is just for a trial run.

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