Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I Love What I Do...

Yesterday was an awesome day. O.K. despite the fact that I was out of commission due to an intense round of physical therapy, the day was great. What stood out? It was my role as an agent!

I had an email toward the end of the day from a great editor who sent me a project we had been working on. This is a story that I had taken a bet on and it paid off! The editor simply wanted me to have a chance to look it over and see what I thought after the work the author and her put into it. Let me say it was....
This was what makes your day as an agent great. We get a chance to read some really good writing by authors who are passionate about what they do. We get to work with editors and authors who get up every day eager to bring life to things just to provide enjoyment for others in words.

Along with this, I get to work with authors at conferences. There we get to share experiences, discuss our craft and discover new ways to get those readers back involved with books.

Yes, we do spend a lot of time complaining on social media about the number of authors who seem to be missing the mark, or authors who really do bring the system down with their negativity, but then there are days like this.

So readers, stay tuned.... Coming this summer is that book I was raving about.

Put on your radar ENGANGERED by JEAN LOVE-CUSH. Be prepared to be blown away.

And also, a big thank you goes out to the amazing editor Tracy Sherrod at Harper Collins who has believed in this project as much as Jean and I did!

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  1. I really love your enthusiasm. I remember you turned me down after a partial but this post s exactly why I think you are a great agent. Hope the book becomes a best seller.