Monday, April 14, 2014

Brenda Novak Auction and Other Things On the Horizon For Greyhaus

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for the rest of the year for Greyhaus Literary Agency! Pay attention for:

Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference!!!!! July 17-20th - I'll be taking pitches and would be more than happy to meet with people out and about  to discuss the romance and women's fiction genre.

Romance Writers of America National Conference!!!! July 23-26th. I will be arriving on Thursday but can't wait to talk to all of the writers. I am open to visit with your writing chapter on Thursday night! Also, be sure to find me in the hallway. Again, I DARE YOU to give me that elevator pitch you memorized. 


  • I have two webinars coming up with Writer's Digest. One deals with NEW ADULT WRITING and the other deals with BOOK CLUB WOMEN'S FICTION.
  • In October I am once again planning the Kate Duffy Annual Alien Vampire Bunny Contest.
  • Working on a concept to run webinar workshops for 4-5 authors at a time to extensively work on synopsis writing, plotting, character development and other exciting topics.
  • I have a lot of writing chapters I will be judging contests for. 
If you and your chapter have a conference coming up and want me to visit, make sure to contact me directly. 

Also, if funding a visitor to your chapter meeting can be too costly, don't forget we can do SKYPE sessions. This is very easy so let me know.

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