Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Book Should Be A Lifetime TV Movie

One of the most common statements I see in query letters is the belief that this author sees his or her book as a movie. These are often not just single statements, but lengthy paragraphs describing who would be staring in each of the roles and the other movies out there it is so similar to. While using these other characters or making a comparison of your book to a movie can help sometimes to give the editor or agent a clear vision of your book, the odds are your book will not be a movie.

As a writer, it makes sense to see your book as a movie. As you write that story, you see it playing out in your head. As you read your book, or another writer's book, you also see that story playing out in your head like a movie. But, when it comes to some movie company or a television producer picking up the movie rights, the odds are really against you. Don't get me wrong. People do have their movie and TV rights picked up by some movie company, but this doesn't mean it will be turned into a movie.

One thing we have to remember is that books that do make it to the movie and television level often have a bit more than simply a great story line. There is an added punch the story has that moves it into this category. It could be the topic and issues the author has selected. It could be the theme of the story. And yes, it could also simply be the author's name that carries the weight. Regardless of what it is, that story needs to have that extra something.

Along the same lines, your story needs to be something that the market would really be wanting to see at this time. Again, it could be due to the popularity of the book and the sales of the book, but it could also be the topic is relevant to the population today.

Is it good to see your book as a movie or a television show? Sure! Could someone want to buy the rights to it? Sure! Just don't obsess over it.

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