Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sometimes Change Is Good

I want to keep this one short today. Not only is there a lot that has to get done today, but I do believe this thought pretty much speaks for itself.

Writers panic about this all the time. All of a sudden, your editor changes position or leaves and you now find yourself with someone new. Argh! The same thing occurs when you change agents, publishers merge with other publishers and so forth. Change is pretty damn terrifying.

We get it! We hated when we moved from elementary school to junior high or high school. We hated moving to a new town! When that change is on the horizon, our brains play tricks with us. They start creating worst case scenarios and you know, "this will be the worst thing ever!"

But in reality, change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes that fresh perspective will invigorate some new and exciting things in your career. That new editor might add an insight your prior editor didn't have. Maybe it is simply a matter of how he or she words things.

Look, we have to accept the fact that change happens. Yes, sometimes it will not be for the best. But we also have to agree that sometimes that change is going to be good.

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