Monday, May 19, 2014

The Positive Emotions POST-Conference

It is now a Monday after the Romantic Times conference and Twitter is going crazy with photos and comments from those that attended. There is certainly excitement in the air!

I am always trying to promote the idea that writers NEED to attend conferences. Yes, they are expensive and yes, they do suck up a lot of time, but the benefits of attending far outweigh these negatives. Obviously you get to meet other authors, make connections with editors and agents, and certainly at the RT conference, meet up with a lot of readers... But there is one additional thing.

Attending conferences can be a huge booster shot for you and your writing. Not only do you learn a few new things from the sessions you attend, you get a huge shot of adrenaline. The problem is that far too many authors use this to dive into social media instead of their writing.

Now don't get me wrong. Have fun. Share those great moments and times with each other, but the time immediately following a conference is the time you need to be back at that computer writing your head off. Your brain is firing on all cylinders right now and wants to work! You have ideas that need to get on that page. So do it.

Have a GREAT Monday! And don't forget to get to the BRENDA NOVAK Auction today. Greyhaus has a 1 day only offer!!!!

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