Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing In A Niche Genre Can Be Scary!

Let me first begin that there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing in a niche genre. You have a unique audience that is 100% behind you and the other writers working in this area. But for a new author, writing in a niche group can be a bit dangerous and scary. I should also note that writing for a series/category line also falls into this area.

We have all heard the phrase, "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!" It is that concept that makes writing in this niche genre so dangerous. The problem is simple. You have a limited number of publishers that take your style of writing. You can't just market your book in a slightly different way to sneak your way into another house.

This is especially true for category/series writing. There is a unique voice and style to this writing. Yes there is the word count issue, but the real difference is the voice. If someone puts together a story that would fit for, let's say, Harlequin Special Edition, it will go there and only there. Of course, I do hear authors say that they can simply add some more back story or another sub plot and make it a single title, but that simply will not work. Now it has become a single title length Special Edition.

It is a big gamble to write for a niche market simply because, if the publisher says no, you aren't left with a lot of options other than self-publishing. It is actually for this reason that when authors submit to me, I want them to designate if the story is category/series or not. If I do like the story and I "make the call" one of the first discussions we have is how we market it. It goes one place and one place only. Hopefully the author has other stories that will work out and we can do something with.

Just something to think about on a Wednesday morning!

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  1. It definitely is hard to focus solely on one genre of writing! These days I tend to focus a lot on paranormal/horror and after doing several rounds of submissions with a few small lit mags for a short story, I realize that it takes a lot of effort and persistence to find new mags to send them to! So I can imagine an even greater challenge with novels.