Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Greyhaus is Open To Submissions - But For What?

The authors are at it again! When I am closed to submissions, it is amazing how well people follow directions and the submissions quit coming in. This tells me authors are reading the information found on the website for what I want and what I don't want. BUT.., as soon as I open up for submission, it seems that all literacy skills are thrown out or lost. The submission guidelines have not changed, and yet I start receiving some of the weirdest submissions ever.

So today is for you. Today is also for those authors who are thinking they might want to submit but want to make sure what they have is what I am looking for. Today is also for those of you who simply want to ask about where their potential genre might fall in this great big world of publishing.

What I have simply done is copied all of my submission guidelines directly from my website for you. Ask questions! Please, however, do not ask questions such as:

Dear Scott, I have an 80,000 word women's fiction piece entitled "Sucking Up To The Agent". The story takes place in Scotland where the heroine....

...at which point you provide the ENTIRE pitch or query. Not going to work. You will have to go through all of the normal channels.

I want to also have you note two additional things:

  1. For the Harlequin submissions, I tell you to go and visit the Harlequin submission guidelines. If you A) have not done so; or B) do not read Harlequin, you might want to take the time to do so before you move on.
  2. Please read the entire list INCLUDING what I am NOT looking for. 
I say this all of the time, but this is not rocket science.

I'll check back throughout the day to answer questions (between working with the horse and sitting at the dance studio. :)

  • All Harlequin Lines
All other categories will be open at a later date.​
  • New Adult dealing with current issues. Think women's fiction for New Adult
  • Victorian Historical Romance
  • Ghost story romances
  • Time Travel
Word Count should be according to the Harlequin Guidelines www.eharlequin.com 
Scott is actively looking to acquire authors for all of the Harlequin lines with the exception of the Teen Line. 
Authors wishing to write for Harlequin should know the line they are wishing to work for and demonstrate an ability to translate the specific guidelines of that line into a piece of writing. Please review the guidelines BEFORE submitting. 
It is recommended authors should have at least one story finished and either additional projects in that same line, or a clear vision of future works that will fit in that line. 
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
If you are writing in New Adult, please make sure that you fully understand this genre. It is not simply stories of teens having sex. I am interested in stories that really are looking at the world from this unique "in the middle" perspective. Essentially, if you read the Women's Fiction guidelines, you will get the idea.
If you are pitching this idea top me, please use the standard categories but in the premise, begin by stating it is a NEW ADULT project.
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
I am actively looking for real stories with real people in real romances. Please note this does not mean non-fiction. I am truly interested in finding, what I define as "old school" contemporary romances. Think the Danielle Steele level that really focused on the relationships.
Writers in this category should not rely on heavy amounts of plot devices or baggage for the characters. Keep these people real so that the readers can truly relate
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
These stories can be set in any time period. The stories should demonstrate a strong understanding of the time period and not rely on "source book" levels of research. 
I am personally not looking for westerns and stories set during the Civil War.
Show me you have something unique in this category!
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
I am looking for something that stands out as being unique. Telling the same old vampire, werewolf, demon, or angel story is not going to work. I am not interested in Urban fantasy here. I really want to see those strong paranormals. Time travels are great but please make sure the time travel is "real" and plays a role in the plot.
Paranormal IS NOT Fantasy! 
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
Stories should be real and the main story arc has to be the romance. Please make sure that we don't have characters doing things that would not normally happen in real life. Please review Maslow's Hierarchy to understand what I mean here. In other words, if someone is being stalked by a sexual predator, he or she will not be interested in sex.
Word count 75,000 - 110,000
I am actively looking for "book club" style women's fiction pieces. These stories should examine the world through a woman's eyes. We want to see what it means to be a woman. Stories can be historical or contemporary but the focus must be on the female journey.
Please focus on one issue and not a ton of personal problems the protagonist has.
Stories can have happy or sad endings.
Please no adultery.
Greyhaus WILL consider books that have been previously published. Please note that books must still meet the above requirements for what the agency is looking for. In other words, stories still must be only romance and women's fiction. Please review those guidelines before submitting.
When submitting previously published material, make sure to clearly state where it was published, if you own all of the rights 100%, and, most importantly, the last three months of sales.
Single Title Inspirational
YA or Middle Grade
Picture Books
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
Authors interested in only e-publishing or self-publishing

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