Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Greyhaus Is Still Here For The Romance Genre

In 2003, Greyhaus Literary Agency opened its doors to represent romance and women's fiction. It is now 2014 and Greyhaus is still committed to providing that same service to authors interested in traditional print as well as the romance and women's fiction genres. I was especially excited with the last edition of the RWR and the statistics from the 2013 Romstat Report. When there is still a market of 86.7% of the books out there are in print and 47.5 are in e-book (many of which are released in
both formats) things look good. When we see there were 9,513 new ISBN's published in 2013 in the romance genre and this small niche in the grand scheme of things is producing $1.079 Billion Dollars in publishing revenues, then I would say things look good.

When I opened the agency, I had a lot of people questioning my choice of limiting my work to just these two genres. I still get that today. I have to say, I have never regretted that decision. Sure, along the way I have contemplated trying other things, but in the end, I always return to the original plan. I guess there is also the added benefit of not having to sort through the added submissions from the genres other than romance.

As we get ready to dive into 2015, I am continuing my quest to find some great romance authors out there willing to try new things and keep this genre alive and well. We know people love a great story with a great happy and fulfilling ending and that is what Greyhaus will continue to look for.

I do want to remind people that I am looking for BOTH single title and series authors. There has been a misconception that I am only looking for Harlequin authors. This is far from the case. I am a HUGE advocate for Harlequin and will continue to work with this great company, but again, this does not mean I am not looking for other things.

I want to also remind people to please take the time to always review my submission guidelines and what I am looking for. The genres do change from time to time (like everything else in this business) so check before you hit SEND.

As far as conferences go, I am also always available to help out writing chapters by not only listening to pitches, but to run workshops. Make sure to check in with me. At this point, I am probably not going to the New York conference, but of course, that can always change.

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